International sales (part time and online job, Anywhere in the world)
Guangzhou Yiqihu Network Co. LTD
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Job Responsibilities

Our product: EasyCall-Easy and cheap tools to make international phone calls from China 1. Using the company platform and network tools for customer information search; 2. In spare time ,Use WeChat to communicate with customers and make contacts, 3. No restrictions on working hours and locations, as well as the performance evaluation. Part-timers who distinguish himself, additional awards will be provided, and the commission rate will be raised too. Core advantages of the company: 1. Product advantages: It has a wide range of uses, rich customer resources, obvious price advantages 2. Entering the company, there will be perfect platform operation knowledge and perfect training process system; 3. the customers you introduce will be your permanent customers, and you can get commission permanently no matter when they recharge in the future

Job Requirements

1. Have certain social circle, and love communicating with others, take the initiatives to look for customers. 2. Have rich Resources with foreign friends in China are preferred 3. Earnings can be withdrawn to your Wechat wallet directly,it'svery convenient and fast

Required Languages

English, Mandarin, Other

Job Details

Position type



Unlimited experience

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