Industry Development Director (Consultant Market)
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Job Responsibilities

Essential Functions: Have knowledge of the entire US market. Analyze market trends, including but not limited to technology trends, product trends, customer requirements, etc. for the main applications. Establish targeted customer development strategies. Develop, and maintain relationships with new and existing AV consultants/design firms to get Absen products specified into projects. Coordinate with the US team to provide support to consultants/design firms and set performance goals in the designated markets. Provide technical escalations to consultants/design firms and review bid documents from them. Keep informed of new products, services, and other general information of interest to consultants/design firms. Gather feedback through field activity and transfer the feedback to appropriate company staff. This includes sales, marketing, product management, and R&D departments. Preparation of monthly and quarterly industry situation reports. Manage the communication with consultants/design firms and Absen team during the implementation of the projects. Host consultant/design firms to visit HQ and factory in China. Participate in marketing events such as seminars and trade shows to capture brand awareness. Performs all other duties as assigned by management. Competencies: Teamwork and communication skills. Excellent client orientation around problem-solving and delivering solutions. Ability to work in and maintain performance expectations in high-pressure environments.

Job Requirements

Education & Experience Requirements: Bachelor’s degree or above with a major in Engineering, Business Administration, or Business Management. Sales, engineering, or project management background within the LED industry. Work Location: Remote/Home Office Orlando Office (as needed) Travel Requirements: Required to travel to complete tasks. Must have a valid drivers’ license.

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5~10 years

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