English Live Anchor
Full-time20K - 25K RMB per monthGuangzhou, Beijing, Shanghai...
Xin Yi Jia
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Job Responsibilities

1. The company currently broadcasts live broadcasts against Tik Tok in the UK. Product explanations, sales promotion, and new product recommendations are required in the live broadcast. 2. Maintain fans in the live broadcast room, respond to fan questions, interact with fans, and guide new fans to pay attention. 3. The atmosphere in the live room is driven to increase activity, and has the ability to improvise and respond on the spot. 4. Have a certain understanding of the live broadcast platform, and discuss and study the live broadcast together to achieve the best results.

Job Requirements

1. Strong language skills and entertaining spirit. 2. Cheerful personality, affinity and good field control ability, good at expressing oneself, no age limit. 3. Love the live broadcast industry, have a strong demand for the realization of personal values, and are willing to accept pressure and challenges.

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