SLG Games Marketing Manager
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Job Responsibilities

1, Bachelor's degree or above, proven working experience of 3-5 years, experience in game business in Europe and America is preferred; 2, Proficient in Chinese is preferred, fluent in English listening, speaking, reading, and writing, fluent in business communication; 3, Game lover, in-depth knowledge of the European and American game industry, mobile game industry business experience is a plus; 4, Resilient, stable, able to accept business trips and work across time zones. Advanced written skills, flexible thinking, excellent expression, and communication skills; 5, Skilled in using office software, proficient in PPT.

Job Requirements

1, Expand the game-related media and channels in Europe and the United States according to the company's strategy, and assist UA and marketing departments with the implementation of their needs; 2, Explore channel development in Europe and the United States, mining potential media and channels there, developing and maintaining business relationships; 3, Work independently on the project business negotiations and contract review, and follow up on the contract implementation; 4, Collect and organize domestic and foreign media information of competitor games, and synchronize with Beijing headquarters promptly; 5, Maintain communication with the key European and American channels and media like Google, Apple, Facebook, etc.; 6, Other work required by the headquarters.

Required Languages


Job Details

Position type

Brand Manager/Director


1~3 years

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