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Remote Game Translation Project (Synergy Translations)
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Job Responsibilities

Job Description: Provide translation services for a game project, ensuring accurate localization of game content.

Job Requirements

Project Languages: Chinese to English (CN-EN) English to Brazilian Portuguese (EN-PT(BR)) English to Indonesian (EN-ID) English to Arabic (EN-AR) Project Mode: Remote Requirements: 1. Fluency in the source language and the target language; 2. Strong improvisational skills; 3. Familiarity with the gaming industry and related terminology; 4. Previous experience in game translation is preferred. How to Apply: Send your details Email Subject: "Name + Remote Game Translation Project + language + Quote + Information Source (e.g., Facebook, TikTok) + Current Residence" Feel free to reach out via WeChat, WhatsApp, or Skype for more details!

Required Languages

Portuguese, English, Indonesian, Arabic

Job Details

Position type



Unlimited experience

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