Human Resources Manager
Full-time30K - 35K RMB per monthHungary - Hungary
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Job Responsibilities

Qualifications 1. Bachelor degree or above. 2. More than 7 years working experience in human resources manager position, including at least 2 years working experience in Hungary. 3. Familiar with job analysis and optimal allocation of human resources, with experience in recruitment, training, performance, salary and other modules. 4. Familiar with the requirements of labor laws and regulations at home and abroad, and have a human resource qualification certificate is preferred. 5. Possess relevant theoretical knowledge in the fields of recruitment/performance management/employee relations/organizational development. 6. Familiar with daily office software, especially PPT production; familiar with recruitment system and E-HR system. 7. Possess the skills of employee performance counseling, salary negotiation, 360 interview, IDP production, job description writing, qualification standard formulation and so on. 8. English and Hungarian can be used as communication languages. If you are interested in this position, please contact Olay: Email: WhatsApp: +86 199 2537 0749 WeChat: 199 2537 0749

Job Requirements

Responsibilities: 1. According to the strategic development needs of the company, lead the establishment and management of the company's human resources management system, revise and improve the company's human resources management system, determine the process of managing all overseas business, division of labor and mechanism, and build a systematic system. 2. Responsible for personnel recruitment and allocation, apply various methods to expand recruitment channels, gain insight into the strategic needs of the company, and combine the group's human resources management strategy, compliance and talent deployment plan to initially build a global system to ensure talent supply. 3. Responsible for monitoring the salary level in the industry, formulating salary and benefit systems and plans in conjunction with local social policies, ensuring workforce stability and motivation, and appropriately controlling labor costs. 4. Responsible for the implementation of various human resource systems, effective employee communication 5. Work closely with the business team leader, play the role of a reliable HR partner, and promote the construction of overseas bases and project implementation. If you are interested in this position, please contact Olay: Email: WhatsApp: +86 199 2537 0749 WeChat: 199 2537 0749

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