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Finance and Administration Specialist
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Job Responsibilities

1. Responsible for overall accounting processing, ensuring timely, complete, truthful, accurate financial data and compliance with local accounting and tax standards. 2. Strictly follow the financial system to review expense reimbursements and various payment requests. 3. Strictly follow the accrual basis of accounting, confirm various income, and make provisions for expenses and costs to ensure the correctness of all transaction balances. 4. Settle accounts and prepare monthly and annual financial statements and analysis reports. 5. Issue invoices and receive payment receipts. 6. Responsible for budget execution statistics and funding requests. 7. Responsible for monthly, quarterly/annual tax declaration work, timely completion and updating of relevant documents and annual inspection work. 8. Responsible for the accounting of the company's fixed assets and assisting the administrative department in conducting inventory checks. 9. Responsible for organizing, binding, and maintaining accounting documents. 10. Coordinate and cooperate with the group's financial and administrative work.

Job Requirements

1. 大学以上学历,会计、财务管理相关专业,3年以上财务工作经验。 2. 中文书写听说熟练,中文可以作为工作语言。 3. 熟悉泰国曼谷当地财税政策,具当地会计或税务执业资格证。 4. 个性主动积极、认真负责,细心。 5. 国籍要求:泰国。 1. College degree or above, major in accounting or financial management, with at least 3 years of financial work experience. 2. Proficient in writing, listening, and speaking Chinese, which can be used as the working language. 3. Familiar with the local financial and tax policies in Bangkok, Thailand, and possess a local accounting or tax professional qualification certificate. 4. Proactive, responsible, and meticulous personality. 5. Nationality requirement: Thailand.

Required Languages

English, Thai, Mandarin

Job Details

Position type

Accountant/Finance Professional


1~3 years

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