QA Specialist - English/German/Japanese/French
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Mars Translation co., ltd
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Job Responsibilities

Responsibilities of foreign QA positions: 1. Responsible for the evaluation of the company's English-German/Japanese 、Chinese-English part-time translators' test drafts, and improve the company's outsourcing translators' warehousing level; 2. Responsible for the tripartite evaluation of the company's English-German/Japanese 、Chinese-English outsourcing project sampling inspection projects, issue professional quality inspection evaluation reports, and assist the company in eliminating and screening core suppliers; 3. Use the company's self-developed machine translation assistance software to translate and proofread manuscripts from English to German/Legal/Japanese to ensure that each translation is readable, meets the project requirements and has no inconsistencies in key terms, spelling errors, and numerical errors. and formatting errors (errors in punctuation, labelling, etc.), or edit, polish such translation deliverables to ensure that they are accurate, legible and customary to native speakers; 4. When multiple editors are involved in a project at the same time, the role of QA as the project owner ensures the consistency of deliverables (such as style consistency and key term consistency); 5. Organize the creation and maintenance of English to Korean style guides, terminology databases, TM databases and other company assets; 6. Participate in and organize department training, share QA experience with team members, and assist the company to build an internal and foreign QA team;

Job Requirements

Responsibilities: 1) Prepares the QA guideline and modifies such document as needed. 2) Uses computer-assisted translation (CAT) tools to proofread documents from English-German/Japanese 、Chinese-English to make sure that deliverables are readable, in compliant with project requirements and free of errors like key term inconsistency, typos, number errors and format errors (punctuation errors, tag errors, etc.), or polish such translation deliverables to ensure they are accurate, clear and native. 3) Provides a QA report for each processed project. 4) Acts as a project owner to ensure consistency of deliverables (such as style consistency and key term consistency) when efforts of multiple editors are involved. 5) Manages workload properly and delivers all projects in a timely manner. 6) Communicates with project managers effectively to ensure that all projects are done according to the requirements of our clients. 7) Creates and maintains terminology and translation memory databases. 8) Attends or holds training sessions to share project experience, translation/editing skills, or other business-related knowledge with team members.

Required Languages

Japanese, German, French, English

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Less than one year

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