Student Research Advisor
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Job Responsibilities

1) 组织研发并参与教授研究类型的课程,特别是AP Capstone 和 IPQ课程。 其中,AP Capstone课程包括每学期两门课程,每周12课时;IPQ 课程,每年指导2名学生,每个学生每周2课时。总计,每周16课时。 Develop and teach research-oriented courses for BRS students, in particular the AP Capstone courses. Teach two AP Capstone courses per semester, with 12 periods per week. Supervise 2 IPQ program students per year, with 2 periods per student per week. In total, teach 16 periods per week. 2) 担任我校优秀学生的学术导师, 推动学生积极参与学术会议和学术活动,指导学生利用课外时间完成学术性论文或学术报告,培养科学探究精神。每年9-10月组织一次学生学术会议,审核学术论文的开题报告,每年4月组织学生的研究论文答辩。 Serve as a research advisor for elite students, and promote students to actively participate in academic conferences or other academic activities, additionally guide students to complete research papers or academic projects, especially cultivate the spirit of scientific inquiry. Organize a student academic conference every September to October. Organize oral defenses for AP Capstone and IPQ students who have completed a full-length research paper. 3) 为具备学术论文写作特长的学生提供升学规划指导,指导升学文书的写作和修改。 Advise elite students with expertise in research writing for their college application, help polish their writing for application materials. 4)参与组织学术论文写作课程的PLC会议, 为IPQ 授课教师和导师团队提供培训和指导,协助教师培训部门(PD)开展“如何教授研究方法”的教师培训。 Organize the PLC meeting for research writing courses (including teachers for IPQ taught skills and AP capstone courses) on a regular base. Provide professional training for IPQ supervisors and in-school path way training of ‘guiding research’. 5) 广泛参与提升学生学术背景的学术辅导,包括但不限于:每年5月-6月,面向初三和高一优秀学生组织“学术写作技能集训营”,7-9月为我校申请牛剑的文科生提供专项辅导,培训 TSA (Thinking Skills Assessment) 笔试, 12月-2月 CTB 探究团队的指导; 4-7月 John Locke Essay Competition 的论文指导。 Widely participate in academic tutoring to improve students' academic background. Activities include but not limit to: from May to June, organize the “Pre-AP Capstone Workshop” for grade 9 and grade 10 students who have potential for taking AP capstone courses; from July to September, coach new grade 12 students who are interest in application for university of Oxford to prepare for the Thinking Skills Assessment (TSA); from December to February in the next year, coach student teams to prepare for CTB project-based learning. from April to July, guide elite students with strength in research writing to prepare for John Locke Essay writing. 6) 尽可能参与我校组织的学术研究课题,为教师研究项目的开题评审,过程评估,质量保障和成果宣传提供学术支持。 6) Participate in academic research projects organized by our school as much as possible, and provide academic support for the proposal review, process evaluation, quality assurance and achievement promotion of teachers' research projects.

Job Requirements

1. Master’s degree or above in Education, English Writing or Literature, Library Sciences, Sociology or other Social Science 2. Teaching Certificate, PGCE, CELTA, and DELTA preferred 3. More than two years teaching experience in the preferred 4. Native English speaker or English skills equivalent to native level 5. Caring, suitable and safe to work with children 6. Eager to learn and grow continuously 7. Teachers who have worked in China are desirable.

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English teacher


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