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Job Responsibilities

1. Obey the arrangement of leaders, abide by the management regulations of the restaurant, and implement working procedures. 2. During business hours, keep good working condition, appearance and appearance, and use service honorifications correctly. 3. Accurately understand the daily dishes, and work closely with the passers. 4. Provide quality service to guests according to service procedures and standards. 5, to the guests suitable to sell drinks, commodities, introduce special dishes. 6. Record the feedback of guests. 7, after the end of business, do a good job of the finishing work. 8. The facilities and equipment in the environment under the jurisdiction of the region shall be reported to the superior foreman or supervisor for repair in time. 9. Responsible for the storage and inventory of tableware in the private room. 10. Completed other work submitted by the superior. Study business, improve their own quality, continuous improvement.

Job Requirements

1. Aged 18-30, in good health and good appearance. 2. Enthusiastic, generous, cheerful, have been engaged in similar work is preferred. 3. Good expression and communication skills, good at coordinating and dealing with guest relations and feedback information, serious and responsible in work. 4. Can speak simple Chinese.

Required Languages


Job Details

Position type

F&B / Hospitality


1~3 years

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