Live stream电商主播
Full-time10K - 15K RMB per monthFuZhou
Fuzhou Jiufa Import and Export Trade Co. LTD
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Job Responsibilities

主要负责公司各大直播平台(抖音\快手)的直播商品的文案策划、销售等工作 Mainly responsible for the copywriting, planning and sales of live broadcast products on the company's major live broadcast platforms (Tik Tok \ Kwai)

Job Requirements

1、了解葡萄酒知识,了解葡萄酒相关文化。 1. Understand wine knowledge and wine-related culture. 2、形象好,气质佳,最好是意大利、法国、西班牙等欧洲葡萄酒主产区国家人士(女性优先) 2. Good image, good temperament, preferably from Italy, France, Spain and other European wine producing countries (female preferred) 3、要求会流利中文交流 3. Fluency in Chinese is required 4、有一定主持人经验; 4. Have some experience as host; 5、人必须在中国境内常住人口 5. People must have permanent residents in China

Required Languages

Greek, Spanish, Serbian , Russian, Italian, French, English, Mandarin

Job Details

Position type



1~3 years

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