Localization Tester
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NetEase Games
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Job Responsibilities

We are looking for a highly experienced Localization Linguist who will be responsible for localization verification, touch-ups and be responsible for the quality of the games. You can: 1、Be the first to contact and experience the first-line products of NetEase Games and work with the multicultural ex-pat team to develop and execute localization verification tasks at different stages, to ensure excellence in localization quality. 2、According to the product requirements, conduct in-depth checks on the localization functions, creative writing & translation, interface layout, and local culture of overseas released games to internationalize game assets for a global audience. 3、Manage all steps of the localization process, coordinate with internal requesters and external vendors to ensure on-time, high-quality delivery of content. 4、Conduct comprehensive assessment of text and cultural quality risks of overseas released games, promote continuous improvement of product localization quality, and become an expert in quality assurance.

Job Requirements

1、Bachelor's degree or above, major in liberal arts is preferred. 2、English-Chinese bilingual proficiency, with Chinese HSK level-6 is preferred. 3、Keen interest in games and other creative arts content; rich experience in overseas games playing, proficiency in text style of multi-genre games, and experience in software (game) localization, and translation. 4、With a global perspective on cultural and political matters, able to gain a good understanding of a region or group with basic research. 5、Excellent communication ability, team cooperation ability, and learning ability to work meticulously and conscientiously, can bear certain work pressure, positive and optimistic, self-driven and courageous. 5、Proficient in one or more English, Japanese, Thai, Vietnamese, Indonesian, French, and Italian, with high-quality translation, fluent speaking, and natural expression will be preferred.

Required Languages

English, Mandarin

Job Details

Position type



3~5 years

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