Distribution Sales (Japanese)
Full-time40k - 45K RMB per monthJapan
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Job Responsibilities

Distribution sales Location:Japan Salary: 1000万 JPY 1. Customer management: undertake customer needs on behalf of manufacturers, connect headquarters resources to deal with reasonable customer needs, promote customers to achieve our daily business requirements and major strategic objectives, obtain business data such as purchase, sales and inventory, load new products, obtain industry information, collect and follow up on self operated and over order project sites, seize other brand shares, promote brands, and introduce internal and external executives; 2. Customer operation: Based on the business data provided by customers and industry trends collected through daily operations, provide reasonable business suggestions for customers and the company, and align them with the implementation. Assist in optimizing customers' daily operations to make them more suitable for the current business form of the country, including product promotion, regional coverage, business outlets, personnel management, IT systems, finance and finance, brand marketing, etc, Assist in participating in daily visits and maintenance of major downstream customers, and improve the performance share of key secondary customers; 3. Customer development: Based on national strategic needs, expand the channels of first and second level agents and non video business agents, connect agent resources and cooperate with distribution B/C positions to expand downstream customers. 4. Market information collection and order management: Continuously visit downstream customers and potential new customers, collect industry trends, and provide information and network support for customer operation and brand promotion. Assist in supervising the selling prices of agents and downstream key customers, and correct disorderly pricing and dumping. 5. Achievement of performance: Based on the company's marketing strategy, implement the promotion of the company's products and sales strategies, conduct sales forecasts, actively organize business negotiations with agents, strive for customer orders, achieve sales targets, and ensure the collection of accounts receivable.

Job Requirements

1.Japanese National 2.Can speak Chinese or English

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