3D Modeller in Chongqing
Full-time25K - 30K RMB per monthChongQing
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Job description

Description: 1. Familiar with 2D / 3D related software (such as 3Dmax MAYA, etc.) 2.It is best to have a certain professional art foundation 3.Good knowledge of mechanical design and architecture 4. Good at making sci-fi realistic guns, mechas and vehicles. 5.If you have relevant work experience and overseas project experience will get you a higher job title 6. Passionate about science fiction, willing to learn and try more style choices Benefit: Enjoy weekend weekends and national holidays The company purchases five insurances with basic guarantees Duplex office environment is good, easy commute near the light rail


You will communicate with the concept designer and can make suggestions on the design, mainly to produce 3D models that meet the customer's requirements, and also assume the responsibility of the leadership team. I hope you are good at making 3D models of hard surfaces, and I hope you can get along well with colleagues and have enough patience when communicating with the original painting team.

Required Languages

English, Chinese

Job Details

Position type

Art / Design / Creative



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