Deputy Manager- Korean
Full-time15K - 20K RMB per monthShenyang
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Job Responsibilities

Responsibility: 1.Manage all day to day activities (administrative and functional) conducted at the Visa Application Centre which involves: - Document scrutiny & verification for visa processing - Handling cash & bank related transactions if assigned - Maintaining & recording all application data in a timely and accurate manner - Ensuring all administration & logistics of passport delivery to consulate / applicant /logistics company etc. 2. Conduct regular Audits for all processes & implement all new process rollouts or changes 3. Identify incorrect or incomplete information by regular quality checks thereby ensuring accuracy of the visa application 4. Ensure regular Error Monitoring - To monitor track and reduce the number of errors every month, within acceptable limits 5. Maintain & improve level of customer & mission satisfaction by enhancing procedures and continuously innovating methods to increase productivity and cost effectiveness. Ensure that the Teams are aligned & contribute towards achievement of parameters enlisted in the Team Objective Tracker. 6. Maintain adherence to the Service Level Agreements ’s for all processes and ensure adherence to Standard Operating Procedures, manuals etc. without any deviation. Ensure that the Teams are mentored & work towards adherence of all SOP’s/ processes, required to be complied with, from an Organizational & ISO perspective. 7. Ensure compliance with VFS Global defined principles, policies & procedures as applicable to the role 8. Maintain high standards of ethics, integrity and compliance with corporate procedures 9. Ensure that the entire process is completed within the mandated Turn Around Time - Ensure that the Teams are aligned & contribute towards achievement of parameters enlisted in the Team Objective Tracker 10. Ensure no penalties are incurred and monitor , track and maintain internal errors - Ensures that the Teams are aligned & contribute towards achievement of parameters enlisted in the Team Objective Tracker 11. Ensure personal & professional development for self and team by conducting trainings on regular basis (product & process) Ensure that all staff attends trainings scheduled by HR & ensures effective Process Monitoring, by conducting Internal Process Certifications (OCL’s), for all staff. 12. Provide assistance to staff when needed and handle applicant/customer escalations 13. Liaise with various support functions to handle team related queries. 14. Ensure delivery of Value Added Services options and achievement of the VAS targets for the VAC 15. Manage VAC productivity and VAC security (Physical & data) 16. Mentor the team on a regular basis, thereby ensuring a successor is created for the position – assist Manager/Unit Manager in Succession planning 17. Ensure judicious use of natural resources 18. Adhere to the environment health and safety policy/objectives and guidelines of the organization.

Job Requirements

Requirements: 1.Graduate or global equivalent degree 2.Excellent knowledge of English, Korean, Mandarin 3.Proficiency in MS office & good typing speed 4.Adaptability and presence of mind to handle customer queries and complaints 5.In-depth knowledge and understanding of systems and processes 6.Ability to Innovate and enhance procedures and methods to increase productivity & cost effectiveness 7.Team management skills

Required Languages

Mandarin, English, Korean

Job Details

Position type

Other operations positions


3~5 years

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