Part Time English Literature, Humanities & Science Tutor in Shanghai
Atleigh Education
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Job Responsibilities

Duties: - Deliver on-site face to face teaching sessions; - Some after class supports within WeChat groups on a responsive and timely manner; - Provide session summaries, periodic reports and attend meetings for student progress updates or other teaching related information sharing; - Develop lesson plans, courses, or curriculum based on the requirements; - Set class-room rules and regulations, and maintain class orders (incl. 1v1 sessions); - Design periodic tests, and administer and grade the tests; - Provide learning assistance and track learning progresses; - Mark homework, refine learning materials, etc.; - Communicate with Atleigh staff members when needed;

Job Requirements

If you are familiar with international education systems (KS-3, IGCSE, A-level, IB, AP, and more…), good at curriculum and course development and deliveries, willing to use your strengths and talents to help more students, or willing to have a side job apart from your full-time teaching job, you are welcome to apply! Period: on-going Locations: Our training center (Huacao, Minhang District); and student’s homes; Time: Sessions will be arranged within these time slots (but can vary during school holidays or with specific client requests): Mon-Fri 16.00-21.00, and weekends 9.00-22.00 Class size: 1 on 1, or small groups up to 10 students Duration of each session: 60-180 minutes Salary: Negotiable competitive hourly rate, or stable and competitive monthly rate for suitable candidate. Benefits: competitive rate, flexible working hours, late starting time for work, work-life balance, skill-development, travel allowance*, work permit and working visa*, potential management roles and business partnership opportunity. (*Conditions apply. Only valid for eligible candidates.) Requirements: - Native English speaker, - Familiar with international school education systems (KS-3, IGCSE, A-level, IB, AP, etc.) - Confident in helping students to improve their academic performances in a fast pace, - Can design, develop and deliver short courses and curriculums based on specific requirements, - Can adjust lesson plans and teaching methods based on the student's level and performances in class, - Can provide additional relevant learning and practicing materials to students as after class homework, - Can follow up the students' learning progress and provide reports, - Good at maintaining class orders (no matter if it's 1v1 or group class), - Passionate about teaching, - Patient and assertive, - Enjoy being with kids, - Reliable and responsible, - Outgoing personality with good people skills.

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3~5 years

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