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EHS Manager
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Job Responsibilities

1. Responsible for organizing and formulating the company's annual safety work plan, and su pervising the implementation; 2. Responsible for organizing and formulating the company's annual safety education and training plan, and supervising the implementation; 3. Supervise the plant‘s compliance with Indonesian safety laws, regulations, standards and the implementation of company safety production regulations and safety documents; 4. Responsible for organizing the investigation and inspection of the factory safety hidden dangers and the implementation of hazard safety control measures; 5. Regularly organize and carry out the company's safety inspection and special safety inspection to eliminate potential accidents in time; 6. Responsible for organizing and guiding the investigation, analysis and handling of production safety accidents. How to Apply: Please submit your latest resume as a single attachment and send it to olay: Email:olay.dong@hiredchina.com WhatsApp: (+86) 19925370749 WeChat:19925370749 LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/olay-dong-0ab64751/

Job Requirements

1. Bachelor degree or above, safety or other related major; 2. Over 8 years of safety management experience; 3. Master national and local safety production laws, regulations and standards, with rich knowledge of site safety production management; 4. Familiar with the business process, have the site safety and environmental protection management knowledge; 5. Proficient in industrial safety, safety fire management and related legal knowledge; 6. Able to communicate in English; 7. Candidates from Indonesia or European and based in China will be highly preferred

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Job Details

Position type

New Energy Engineer


5~10 years

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