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Purchasing management trainee
Full-timeUnder 10K RMB per monthJiaxing
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Job Responsibilities

1. Assist to follow up the supplier's production and material plan according to the sales plan, and ensure the supplier's delivery meets the schedule requirements of time, quality and quantity; 2. Responsible for following up the delivery of goods and after-sales problems of each supplier, reconciliating and requesting payment with the finance department and the factory to ensure timely and correct payment; 3. Responsible for the communication and implementation of various procurement matters to ensure that the implementation can produce the expected results; 4. Assist in product quality tracking, maintenance and the implementation and implementation of relevant import and export system, and timely report anomalies and follow up abnormal disposal; 5. Timely collate and update supplier information, including supplier quotation and product information, and summarize it to relevant responsible person and finance to ensure the accuracy of supplier information and written quotation; 6. Responsible for the collection and arrangement of procurement documents, statements, contracts and other related documents.

Job Requirements

1, one or more engineering majors (chemical, polymer, machinery preferred; Supply chain, international trade); 2, fluent oral English, can be used as a working language; 3, give priority to the 24 graduates who can come to practice in advance.

Required Languages

English, Mandarin

Job Details

Position type

Procurement Specialist/Supervisor


Less than one year

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