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Job Responsibilities

1, responsible for the operation of the independent station, can independently complete the website construction, responsible for the conversion rate of the website; 2, business strategy output, organization implementation and review (activity design, member rating localization operation, etc.); 3, responsible for competitive product research, operational data analysis, and constantly promote site optimization. 4. Understand the marketing methods of independent stations: Google, social media, EDM; 5. Grasp the latest trends of the market in charge, conduct regular analysis of competitive products, innovate multi-form operation and marketing activities, implement testing and follow up effects.

Job Requirements

1, 1-3 years of overseas market operation experience is preferred; 2, bachelor degree or above, fluent in English, language to reach professional communication level; 3, smart, practical, strong learning ability, good at thinking and research; 4, full of curiosity and self-drive; 5. Strong communication skills, clear logical thinking, solid data knowledge, good at data analysis; 6, have a strong interest and understanding of brands, fashion and other industries; 7. Have some copywriting skills, can accurately express through copywriting, and be sensitive to keywords and popular trends.

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Job Details

Position type

Other operations positions


1~3 years

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