kindergarten homeroom teacher
Full-time30K - 35K RMB per monthNingbo
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Job Responsibilities

"1、能教授3-6岁儿童学习英语 To teach 3 years old up to 6 years old children to learn English ; 2、能够在外教课堂中担任主教工作; Be able to be the lead teacher for a lesson; 3、能协助体验课、学员试课、学员续约和市场活动; Be able to assist with demo-classes and marketing activities, as well as helping students renewal, etc. 4、能与家长沟通学员学习情况,为家长提供优良的教学后续服务; Be able to communicate with assistant teachers about the kids and provide a first-class service for the parents; 5、能负责每个学员学习效果和教学质量,提高家长和学员满意度; Be responsible for each kid’s learning effectiveness and improving the satisfaction of parents; 6、能与课程顾问团队紧密合作,通过优秀的服务品质建立家长口碑; In close cooperation with Course consultants’ department, establish a good reputation by providing an excellent service; 7、能协助和参与并且通过中心、总部提供的相关在职培训,不断提高自身的职业素养和教学水平; Improving self career cultivation and teaching level through assisting on-the-job training provided by the headquarters。 "

Job Requirements

1、本科或以上学历(英语专业、教育专业); Bachelor degree or above (Major in English or Education) , 2、英语为母语 English native speaker, who is from US or UK 3、喜欢孩子,热爱英语教育事业,愿意在教育行业内发展; Love children and English educational career; 4、性格开朗热情,活泼大方; Lively and cheerful personality, warm and generous 5、对中西方教学体系和教学方法的差异有所认识,乐于接受全新的教学模式; Understand the difference of teaching systems and methods between Chinese and western and be willing to accept new teaching modes; 6、有相关儿童英文教学经验者优先; Relevant English teaching experience has priority。

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English teacher


1~3 years

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