Director of planning and design
Full-time50k - 60K RMB per monthNanjing
Nanjing Wande Sports Industry Group Co. , Ltd.
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Job Responsibilities

1. Be responsible for the management of the company's landscape design, cooperate with the project planning and architectural design, formulate and implement the design plan, and organize the design work,; 2. Strong program creation ability; 3. According to the company's product requirements, implement and manage the design standards and specifications of the landscape, and control the project quality; 4. Be responsible for organizing the landscape engineering design, and put forward suggestions on the core content of product form and technology; 5. Carry out project reporting and project communication externally; 6. Organize the scheme design and review the design results at the stage to make the project design progressiveness on the premise of meeting the product positioning strategy, clarifying and responding to customer requirements; 7. Supervise the progress and quality of the completion of the project development and construction drawing design, review the design documents at corresponding stages, and ensure that the design documents meet the development intent; 8. Be responsible for the review of landscape plan, construction drawing and other documents as well as major design changes. 9. Good professional assistance ability, able to maintain good communication with architecture, planning and other disciplines.

Job Requirements

1. More than 10 years of work management experience in large domestic and overseas landscape design companies or design institutes, good at municipal, public construction, real estate and other landscape project forms; 2. Bachelor degree or above in landscape architecture, art design, environmental landscape design; 3. Have the comprehensive ability of independent project promotion, leading the design team, strong ability to control the project, and be responsible for the whole process and final effect of the project. 4. Have strong capability of scheme design and control, put forward the overall conceptual plan of the project in charge, review the design effect of the preliminary design and construction drawings, and guide the company's design or technical development. 5. Excellent communication, coordination and reporting ability, communication art and skills, and charisma, and can communicate in Chinese and English. 6. Be able to respond quickly to the market and form an effective team in time when necessary to meet market requirements. 7. Have certain leadership skills and talents in business management, strong communication, coordination and ability to solve specific problems.

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Art/Design Director


More than 10 years

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