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Securities Market Financial Products Sales
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Job Responsibilities

1. Have resources both private connections or social accounts/communities to sell financial product to clients directly. 2. Explore channels focusing on securities investment customers (including but not limited to: online self-media, KOLs in the investment field, offline cooperation with the same/different industries, and individuals with the ability to bring customers, etc.) to achieve accurate acquisitions Performance goals of securities investment clients; 2. Promote the promotion and implementation of cooperation channels, attract customers, and track data, maintain long-term channel relationships, and continue to stimulate the growth of channel output and investment users; 3. Maintain attention to markets, collect industry trends and market information, and provide information support for business decisions.

Job Requirements

1. College degree or above, those familiar with the Internet, finance, and securities industries are preferred; 2. Have resources both private connections and social accounts/communities to sell financial product to clients directly. 3. Excellent communication and coordination skills and be able to establish good cooperative relationships with KOL partners from different backgrounds; 4. Innovative, good at thinking and solving problems, and able to flexibly respond to market changes and challenges; 5. Confidence in expanding the securities investment user market and bringing sustained user growth to the company's securities business 7. Local resources (media, data or ranking platform, KOL, other eco partners)

Required Languages

Mandarin, Spanish, French, English, Arabic

Job Details

Position type



1~3 years

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