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Job Responsibilities

1. be responsible for product users, and be responsible for their user scale, user structure and user quality, including but not limited to innovation and activation, retention / activation strategy, activity playing method, payment conversion, etc; 2. deeply study fission product & strategy through data analysis and effect review, and formulate user growth strategy scheme. Formulate a reasonable and effective experimental operation plan, study and summarize the means to improve efficiency, and solidify into a fission strategy that can be used on a large scale. 3. be familiar with the cold start of multi-national new markets, formulate the growth path of localized users according to the market conditions of different countries, and finally achieve the business objectives; 4. establish a product effect evaluation mechanism, which can put forward product improvement suggestions through rationality and timeliness evaluation combined with user insight and analysis, and deeply cooperate with the product manager to promote product iteration. 5. insight, concern and analysis of industry trends and excellent growth cases, summarize precipitation experience and explore new growth directions.

Job Requirements

1. bachelor degree or above, more than 5 years of growth related experience in domestic and foreign Internet companies, systematic understanding of growth work, and many successful cases; 2. strong macro planning and overall planning ability, target disassembly ability, and independent operation of user growth projects / flow growth projects are preferred; 3. have excellent communication, coordination and promotion ability, be able to mobilize cross departmental resources, promote the implementation of the project on schedule, and be good at experience summary and project review; 4. have strong logical analysis ability and data sensitivity, summarize experience and precipitation methodology through data analysis, and constantly explore new business growth points; 5. have excellent team or project management experience, and have mature ideas and methods for mobilizing the team's ability and enthusiasm to achieve results;

Required Languages

Mandarin, English

Job Details

Position type

Other operations positions


5~10 years

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