Freelance Indonesian translator/reviser
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Xi’an Leading bird Culture Communication Co., Ltd.
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Job Responsibilities

Translates mainly comics, novels, books and subtitles for films, TV and variety shows.

Job Requirements

1、Professional Indonesian reading, writing and listening skills, CATTI level 2 is preferred. 2、At least 2 years' experience in Indonesian translation/revision work is preferred. 3、Good Chinese comprehension and reading skills; language major or experience in translation or language teaching is preferred. 4、Experience in studying or working in the target language country is preferred. 5、Part-time jobs require a certain amount of free private time every day, a sense of responsibility and a good sense of time; patience, care and seriousness in translating manuscripts. 6、Interested in translating comics, novels and video subtitles. This position is valid for a long period of time, unlimited quantity, part-time work is not limited to time and place, and the manuscript fee is calculated according to the length of each thousand words/video; a trial translation of 500~700 words is required first if you are interested.

Required Languages

Mandarin, Indonesian

Job Details

Position type



1~3 years

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