Sales Manager-Germany
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Job Responsibilities

1. Formulated regional sales strategies according to the company's sales strategy, and organized the implementation of complete local (Germany) sales plans; 2. Organized the department to develop a variety of sales means, and completed the sales plan and payment collection tasks; 3. Master the needs of the market and customers, actively develop and track customers within the responsible region; 4. Presided over the negotiation and signing of major marketing contracts of the company; 5. Maintained customer relations, visited customers regularly and tracked project progress; 6. Effectively manage local distributors and channels; 7. Participated in exhibitions, market research and analysis of competitive products;

Job Requirements

1, 3 years of toB hardware integration project sales, preferably photovoltaic/inverter/energy storage related experience 2. Have good communication skills, strong executive ability and team spirit. Please feel free to contact Iris Tel:+86 19925195413 Wechat: hiredchina11 Email:

Required Languages

English, German

Job Details

Position type



1~3 years

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