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Technical Support Engineer - Germany
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Job Responsibilities

Responsible for technical support such as pre-sales and after-sales of German PV and energy storage system products. 1. Responsible for commissioning and maintenance of project sites, etc. 2. Managing the inventory of O&M spare parts and processing procurement requests. 3. Responsible for regular analysis of the after-sales situation of the products in charge and propose improvement plans. 4. Responsible for collecting and collating information on product technical requirements of clients, conducting product analysis, and making suggestions for upgrading and improving old products and new product development. 5. Develop industry application promotion materials, such as product electronic promotion materials, product marketing materials, industry promotion materials, product selling point materials and product training for business personnel and other related materials. 7. Responsible for various forms of marketing, business and technical support, and product technical consulting for relevant product lines according to the needs of customers, industry markets and sales departments, and responsible for the training of product technology and selling points for personnel in various departments. 8. Responsible for the release, market planning and promotion of new product launches, and assist the brand department in organizing and implementing product market-related promotional activities to continuously enhance the influence of the company's product brands. 9. Organizing and coordinating with product-related departments to ensure the convergence and smoothness of resources and processes within the company for the products, and coordinating to solve corresponding problems. Note: In addition to the main responsibilities, employees should undertake the duties specified in the company's quality system and other work arranged by the supervisor.

Job Requirements

1. Bachelor degree or above, majoring in electrochemistry or power electronics, with more than three years of experience in energy storage product development or product manager, and a deeper understanding of energy storage system and power system technology and products. 2. have an in-depth understanding of energy storage market applications and customer needs, and a broad understanding of the competitive situation. 3. strong insight and foresight into products and technologies, strategic vision and the ability to plan product lines independently. 4. High interest and sensitivity to new products and technologies emerging in the market, with good innovation ability. 5. Strong communication skills and teamwork spirit. 6. Preference will be given to Chinese people who have worked in Germany for a long time or Germany people who are proficient in English and Chinese. 7. The position requires long-term working and living in Germany. Note: Depending on personal ability, experience, etc., the above posting conditions can be adjusted appropriately.

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Job Details

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New Energy Engineer


3~5 years

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