Sales Engineers Wanted Location:U.S. ( better in middle and west-coast area)
Full-time30K - 35K RMB per monthUSA
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Job Responsibilities

Responsibilities: Responsible forUcaasendpointspre-sales support, delivery and day-to-day maintenance managementof the company's major customer terminal solution projects in the US. Responsible for leading customer requirements collection and requirements management, outputting solutions while managing customer expectations. Responsibleforproduct trainings anddemos for customers. Responsible for customertechnicalteamrelationshipdevelopmentlikeproduct manager, sales engineerandprofessional serviceteams, and providetechnical support for business development of account managers.

Job Requirements

Qualifications: Communication, electronics, computer and other related majors, bachelor degree or above. At least two years working experience in related positions, experience inunified communicationindustry or related products is preferred (one year of work/excellent freshmen can also be considered). Strong customer understanding, demand analysis ability, sensitive to problems. Excellent customer service awareness, communication and coordination, strong ability to promote implementation. Excellent communication and written expression skills, able to independently carry out customer visits / on-site DEMO/speaking in industry eventand other key Business / and Chinese pre-sales & R&D team interface, can independently write quality solutions.

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