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Job Responsibilities

Responsibility岗位职责: 1、Meet and greet guests in a warm/friendly and professional manner; 热情而专业地接待顾客; 2、Escort guests to their allocated table; 引导顾客就坐; 3、Guide guests through the venue and provide any assistance/information as required; 根据顾客提出的要求提供相应的帮助和信息; 4、Manage guest satisfaction and convey a positive image of the restaurant through professionalism, listening and advising; 通过热情专业的聆听建议和服务专递积极的餐厅形象,提高顾客满意度。

Job Requirements

Requirements任职资格: 1、To have basic English language skill; 具有良好的英文沟通能力; 2、To have basic knowledge on the food / beverage / service available in sections appointed; 具备专业的餐饮知识及其服务技意识和服务技能; 3、Bachelor's degree and at least two years working experience; 本科及以上学历并有两年工作经验; 4、Have effective communication skills. Strong sense of responsibility, teamwork oriented; 具有良好的沟通能力和团队工作精神; 5、Be able to work for flexible hours. 能够适应倒班工作。

Required Languages

English, Chinese

Job Details

Position type

F&B / Hospitality


Unlimited experience

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