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Project Manager & Project Engineer
Full-time15K - 20K RMB per monthJiaxing
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Job Responsibilities

1、Lead the project pre-cost quotation and feasibility assessment, technical exchanges, process planning and review, output project planning documents. 2、Lead the new project development progress management and product trial production. 3、Produce new project development process trial production plan, and is responsible for promoting. 4、Responsible for planning new project equipment, molds, tooling transfer acceptance and use. 5、Regularly convene project stage review meeting, review the pilot production progress, and high-risk items and management and functional department managers to communicate and report, study the solution, to ensure that according to the plan reached. 6、Lead the project implementation process of the problem list of sorting and follow-up, coordination of cross-functional team members in the specified time to complete, to ensure that the project according to the time node of the smooth implementation. 7、After the transfer of new projects, pull factory resources to ensure that the project smooth mass production. 8、Lead and output APQP complete documents. 9、Other project related work.

Job Requirements

1、Bachelor degree or above, Japanese nationality. 2、More than three years experience in product development/project management in automotive parts industry, familiar with project development process in automotive parts industry. 3、Japanese students in China who are interested in project management work in automotive industry are also acceptable. 3、Good ability to use Japanese and Chinese as working language. 4、Good communication and coordination skills. 5、Experience in project development in Japanese OEMs such as Nissan, Honda, Toyota, etc. is a plus.

Required Languages

English, Japanese, Mandarin

Job Details

Position type

Project management


3~5 years

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