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Export manager in South American
Full-time15K - 20K RMB per monthWuxi
Zhong Xi (Jiangsu) Import & Export Trading Co.Ltd
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Job Responsibilities

1. Mainly develop South of American markets and expand sales channels. 2. According to the company's existing potential customer resources manufacturing marketing plan, using the advantages of foreigners, responsible for collecting target market information, multi-channel contact on the company's customers, do a good job of product introduction, to complete the sales target. 3. Responsible for the promotion and sales of products in foreign markets. 4. Maintain the existing customer relationship, regular visits, good customer service, improve customer satisfaction rate.

Job Requirements

1, Be good at communication, good teamwork spirit, have a high degree of execution, and can withstand strong work pressure. 2, Has extensive sales experience, fluent in English . 3. Have good resilience and pressure capacity , have strong learning ability and communication skills, 4, Bachelor's degree or above, this requirement can be relaxed if you have sufficient sales experience 5, Be honest ,

Required Languages

English, Spanish

Job Details

Position type

Sales director


1~3 years

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