Chairman Secretary (Singapore)
Full-time35K - 40K RMB per monthSingapore - Singapore
Sichuan Airlines Human Resources Service Co., Ltd
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Job Responsibilities

Main job responsibilities: 1. Responsible for the chairman's schedule, meeting arrangements, and handling other related affairs. 2. Responsible for the chairman's schedule management and reception work, ensuring that the chairman's schedule is reasonable and efficient. 3. Responsible for organizing the Chairman to attend various business and etiquette activities. 4. Responsible for other affairs assigned by the chairman, including but not limited to policy and regulatory consultation, market research, etc. 5. Communicate closely with various departments of the company to coordinate and solve problems in work. 6. Maintain confidentiality management of internal company information and chairman's family information to ensure that information is not leaked. 7. Arrange activities such as living, studying, traveling, and gatherings according to the needs of the chairman and family members. 8. Responsible for coordinating and communicating with external agencies, handling matters related to the chairman and family members. 9. Responsible for handling other work t

Job Requirements

1. Education requirements: Full time undergraduate degree or above from overseas prestigious schools (exchange students from domestic 985 or excellent schools). 2. Work experience: More than 3 years of working experience as a secretary of the chairman, proficient in personal affairs of the chairman and the chairman's family Management. There are plans for long-term development in Singapore in the future. 3. Skill requirements: Proficient in English, strong ability in document writing, and proficient in Office software. 4. Quality requirements: Possess good communication and coordination skills, organizational and management skills, and stress resistance, be meticulous, and have Patience. 5. Professional ethics: Possess high professional ethics, be upright, honest, and have a strong sense of confidentiality

Required Languages

Mandarin, English

Job Details

Position type

High-level secretary


3~5 years

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