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Spoken English teacher
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Job Responsibilities

Conduct one-to-one or one to many oral dialogue exercises with employees through remote video to help employees improve their oral expression, so as to achieve the goal of smooth communication with foreign colleagues; Have certain flexibility in curriculum design, provide solutions in listening, reading and writing, and specifically address the needs of the team and employees; Follow up employees' English problems, solve problems in time, and improve employee satisfaction; Track the learning situation and data of employees, maintain active cooperation with the project leader, and provide regular course development reports;

Job Requirements

English ability is the mother tongue level, with solid English skills, standard pronunciation, and authentic expression; With a wide range of knowledge, easy-going and inclusive personality, you can easily talk about various topics with employees; Have the experience of adult oral English teaching for different basic levels, teaching in English; English is the first language, or those with overseas study background are preferred.

Required Languages

Mandarin, English

Job Details

Position type

English teacher


Unlimited experience

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