Amazon Advanced Operations(亚马逊高级运营)
Full-time10K - 15K RMB per monthShenzhen
Action Entrepreneurship (Shenzhen) e-commerce Co., Ltd
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Job Responsibilities

1. 学习了解亚马逊、自建网站和产品政策,负责亚马逊或自建网站的日常运营,发布和优化亚马逊listing; 2、分析产品销售情况,及时调整销售和经营策略; 3、针对产品的不同生命周期制定分阶段的运行实施方案, 4、处理客户纠纷和产品售后问题,维护良好的客户关系; 5、账户安全管理,根据账户指标的变化维护账户安全。 6、负责站外推广,熟练使用Faecbook、YouTube等社交平台进行推广 7. 联系交易或内容网站的编辑,寻求产品推广合作。 1. Learn to understand Amazon, self-built sites and product policies, be responsible for the daily operation of Amazon or self-built sites, publish and optimize Amazon listings; 2. Analyze product sales and timely adjust sales and operation strategies; 3. Develop phased operation and implementation plans for different life cycles of products, 4. Handle customer disputes and product after-sales issues, and maintain good customer relationships; 5. Account security management, maintaining account security according to changes in account indicators. 6. Responsible for off-site promotion, proficiently using Faecbook, YouTube and other social platforms for promotion 7. Contact the editors of deals or content website to seek product promotion cooperation.

Job Requirements

1、大专及以上学历,具有熟练的英文写作能力,了解电子商务相关业务和规则; 2、1年以上亚马逊或自建网站运营经验者优先,自学能力突出的优秀毕业生也可; 3、对电子商务有持续的热情; 4、在生活和工作中积极进取,团队合作意识强,具有超强的抗压能力,不浮躁,勇于挑战自我,能够不断发展和创新。 1. College degree or above, with proficient English writing skills, and understanding of e-commerce related businesses and rules; 2. More than 1 year of experience in the operation of Amazon or self-built sites is preferred, and excellent graduates with outstanding self-learning ability are also acceptable; 3. Have continuous enthusiasm for e-commerce; 4. Be proactive in life and work, have a strong sense of teamwork, have super stress resistance, not impetuous, have the courage to challenge yourself, and be able to continuously develop and innovate.

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E-commerce operation/Offline operation/Product operation


1~3 years

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