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Cloud Computing Technical Editor(English)
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Job Responsibilities

Job Description Edit, proofread, and improve technical documents that have been translated by human or machine. The job requires an expert level of English, the ability to perform research on various topics, and the ability to learn independently. Candidates must also be able to self-organize, work well in a team environment, and meet strict deadlines. Responsibilities • Edit, proofread, and improve client documentation. • Work together with translators to ensure the accuracy of edits. • Ensure content adheres to the client’s style guidelines. • Ensure grammar, punctuation, and content are correct. • Ensure the clarity and quality of the content. • Ensure documentation meets publishing deadlines. • May also include editing for non-technical content, such as marketing and pre-sales materials. • Give training and advice to other editors.

Job Requirements

• Native English speaker • Bachelor's degree or higher, preferred majors: technical communication, technical writing, computer science, science & engineering, language. • Strong logical thinking skills and attention to detail. • Intermediate Chinese reading skill is desirable but not essential. • Able to communicate ideas and thoughts in an organized manner. • Experience in the technology industry is desirable but not essential. • At least 2 years of editing/translation/writing experience in the past 3 years. • Strong understanding of computing concepts, or strong desire to research and study new knowledge. • Able to edit 800-1000 words per hour.

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1~3 years

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