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Job Responsibilities

Job Description: (5-day, 8-hour workday) 1. The independent station platform to follow up customer inquiries, the inquiry of customers to identify and classify, and follow up maintenance; 2. The customer inquiry product quotation, follow up on the customer's demand for products, conduct business negotiations; 3. Completed orders, followed up product delivery, and ensured the quality and quantity as required by customers quantity, delivery time, mode of transportation for delivery. Job Skills: 1. Strong learning ability and active learning spirit 2. Interested in and passionate about foreign trade and e-commerce industry 3. Good communication, coordination and execution skills, quick and keen response, strong sense of responsibility; 4. Positive and enthusiastic attitude towards life and work, working steadily and loving life 5. Comprehensive paid training, on-boarding product training + business method & thinking training, organized systematic training for employees in stages, and implemented one-to-one special guidance.

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Required Languages

Other, English

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1~3 years

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