China:Tangshan, Hebei Province Start ASAP 2023: 20,000RMB-26,000RMB5 +Airfare
Full-time20K - 25K RMB per monthTangshan
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Job Responsibilities

1. Free modern furnished apartment with a private bathroom, living room and kitchen and all are supplied with facilities like air conditioner, TV, cooking stove and washing machine. 2. Round-trip air travel reimbursement upon the completion of a one-year contract. 3. Paid 3-week vacation during one year. 4. 150RMB/hour for overtime work. 5. Assistance in obtaining working permits and Visa. 6. Provide basic medical plan. The cost of living and tax rate is quite low in China, making this an excellent saving opportunity.

Job Requirements

1. 1–3-year contracts. 2. Students aged 7-18. 3. Full-time work. 4. Teaching Hours: 20-25 contract hours per week,plus two administration hours.Qualifications: 1. Native English speakers 2. Minimum bachelors degree and teacher's certification. 3. New and experienced teachers are welcome to apply 4. Physically healthy, easy-going and have a desire to work in China.

Required Languages


Job Details

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English teacher


1~3 years

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