North America Offline Channel Manager
Full-time30K - 35K RMB per month美国
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Job Responsibilities

Develop and maintain the offline retail channels for a high-end smart kitchen appliances brand in North America. Identify and establish new partnerships with upscale offline retail stores and supermarkets to ensure rapid product penetration into the market. Nurture existing relationships with offline retail partners, providing support and resolving any issues that may arise. Implement sales strategies and collaborate closely with retail partners to increase brand exposure and drive sales in offline stores. Stay updated on market trends, competitor activities, and consumer insights in the North American market to inform sales and marketing strategies. Collect and analyze sales data, prepare reports, and provide recommendations to senior management. Collaborate with cross-functional teams such as marketing and supply chain to ensure smooth operations and effective brand promotion.

Job Requirements

Proven experience in a similar role within the industry or related field, particularly in managing upscale products. Extensive network and resources within the North American market, including successful collaborations with high-end retailers, department stores, and home improvement markets. Excellent sales skills, including customer relationship management, negotiation, and influencing abilities. Demonstrated leadership capabilities in leading teams or groups, motivating and guiding team members to achieve sales targets. Strong market insights and ability to analyze market demands, consumer trends, and competitor dynamics to develop effective sales strategies. Exceptional verbal and written communication skills, with the ability to effectively communicate with stakeholders and deliver impactful presentations. Business expansion experience, including entering new markets and developing new partnerships. Strong learning agility, with a proactive attitude towards continuous learning, staying informed about industry developments, and adapting strategies accordingly.

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Position type

Sales director


5~10 years

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