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Shenyang Difei Trading Co., Ltd
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Job Responsibilities

Job responsibilities 1. Responsible for the online sales of genuine brand [perfume] products on the company's live broadcast platform. 2. Online interaction and maintenance of fan users, increase the viscosity and number of fans, and guide customers to place orders and purchases. 3. During the live broadcast, improvise to mobilize fans' emotions, increase the activity of fans, and ensure the popularity of the live broadcast room. 4. Responsible for performance goals, periodic statistics, and summary of experience, optimization and improvement.

Job Requirements

Job requirements: 1. The language is not limited, with or without experience in bringing goods! 2. Strong communication skills, confident, enthusiastic and energetic, lively and outgoing personality, strong sense of camera, good at mobilizing atmosphere; 3. Proactive working attitude, good professionalism and professional ethics.

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