Regional Manager (Passenger Cars)
Full-time20K - 25K RMB per monthRussia
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Job Responsibilities

Responsible for the import and export of used cars Amoy overseas business development and development, overseas customers and channel cooperation opportunities, to undertake sales tasks:: I. Overseas customer development: According to the company's annual sales planning, develop overseas intended customers to achieve sales targets, including but not limited to: ① local used car agencies; ② local 4S stores and dealer groups; ③ car rental platforms and companies; ④ local Chinese chambers of commerce and organizations; ⑤ used car markets, car dealers and Internet platforms ⑥ domestic export enterprises cooperation orders, etc.; Second, used car export business cooperation negotiation and docking: communicate with overseas customers about the intention to purchase cars, time frame, price range, payment methods (LC letter of credit, T/T, credit insurance policy, etc.), contract terms and conditions, etc; Contract signing: After determining the customer's intention to purchase a car, sign an international trade contract with the overseas customer, determining the trade form, terminology and all detailed terms; Fourth, confirm the receipt of foreign exchange, contact the shipping freight forwarder, dock with the customs broker, dock with the DMV for vehicle transfer, dock with the Commerce Bureau to apply for the used car export license, dock with the Council for the Promotion of Trade to apply for the certificate of origin; V. Market research: understanding local used and new car policies, familiar with local business policies; Sixth, customer maintenance: understanding local customs, timely communication of customer wishes, maintenance of customer relations;

Job Requirements

Job Qualifications 1, Full-time undergraduate degree or above, international trade, automotive-related majors preferred, three years or more overseas front-line work experience, with certain customer resources preferred; 2、Skilled English listening, speaking, reading and writing skills: the ability to read and understand English contracts, proficient communication in English for all project work; 3, with a certain knowledge of automotive and used cars; 4、Skilled use of office software and project management software; 5、Strong communication and coordination skills to solve all kinds of disputes on the project; 6、Able to accept long-term overseas and business trips; How to apply: Please submit your latest resume as a single attacthment and send it to: Mobile: (+86) 13366327096 WhatsApp: (+86) 13244895331 LinkedIn:

Required Languages

Mandarin, Russian

Job Details

Position type

Business manager


3~5 years

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