Marketing Manager
Full-time70k - 80K RMB per month阿联酋
Beijing Bozhong Enterprise Management Consulting Co., Ltd
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Job Responsibilities

1. Connect with GWM headquarters, formulate regional brand strategy for the brands introduced by Great Wall Motors into the Middle East, and be responsible for implementation. Set regional marketing budget. 2. Establish, manage and train a high-level brand marketing team 3. Set up the communication mechanism and process, brand guidance and assessment standard KPI between the general representatives of all countries in the region and the regional headquarters on brand and publicity work, so as to ensure that all countries comply with the brand Guidance standard and improve the overall sales transformation effect. 4. Cooperate with the sales department to ensure that the sales strategy and marketing strategy are in the same direction. 5. Plan the product regional listing and landing plan and the whole life cycle marketing activities 6. Manage regional brand events, exhibitions, etc 7. Build a regional public relations system, gather media resources, and formulate brand public relations strategy and implementation plan. Public opinion monitoring and public relations crisis handling. 8. Manage digital marketing to ensure full coverage of brand online channels 9. Manage public relations activities related to product listing, brand upgrading and crisis response. 10. Guide and support market research, market data analysis and short-term market trend prediction report 11. Identify competitors, monitor and study the strategic adjustment of competitors, and make strategic response

Job Requirements

1. Well known luxury brands / (BBA, Lexus, Toyota, Hyundai, KIA) OEM Middle East regional brand director experience, or have working experience in the Middle East regional headquarters of international well-known media companies and communication companies, and have been mainly responsible for planning in the automotive field 2. GCC / Levant national birth / growth, influence on regional culture, consumer psychology and catalyst habits of different groups 3. Be familiar with the media launch environment of automobile brands in the Middle East and have an in-depth understanding of the media development trend 4. Master the high-quality and rich media public relations resources in the Middle East, understand the strength and expertise of brands and publicity consulting / agency companies in the Middle East, and have the management experience of agency companies 5. Have rich theoretical knowledge and practical experience in automobile product brand and enterprise brand building

Required Languages

English, Arabic

Job Details

Position type

Corporate Communication/PR


5~10 years

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