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Mexico Lighting Exhibition Sales(2024.06.04)
Part-timeNegotiableMexico - Mexico
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Job Responsibilities

Job content: 1.Find the core counterparts of potential customers and key people, visit marketing 2.Skillfully display our company's products, get the goodwill of customers, cause customer interest 3.Find our company's products or purchased customers: ask the procurement channels, such as through intermediaries, ask the intermediary information, said the product technical problems and suggestions, our company will give support, and through the intermediary to give its better new products and after-sales service 4. Find procurement or other vendors for procurement: Find the contact information of procurement personnel, show them the core advantages and brand advantages of our company's products, in order to gain customer interest, inquire about their current needs and the possibility of cooperation, and lay a good foundation for the next step of cooperation PS:Need local freelancers in Mexico

Job Requirements

Purpose: 1. collect customer information. get the intention of potential customers who are initially interested. 3.Find the contact information of key people Competence Requirements: 1、Have very good communication skills, and the ability to express themselves in the local language, proficient in learning and mastering product knowledge. 2、Previous sales experience in electronics and lighting products preferred 3、Previous trade show sales experience preferred

Required Languages

Spanish, English

Job Details

Position type



1~3 years

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