Retail Manager(Based in Brazil)
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Job Responsibilities

Qualifications: 1. Bachelor degree or above, 5 years of overseas sales management experience, mobile phone industry is preferred; 2. Familiar with the mobile phone industry trends and have a deep understanding of the products; 3. Good command of English as a working language and good communication skills; 4. Frequent business trips or overseas stay are acceptable. Email address: WeChat ID:hiredchina4

Job Requirements

Job Detail Description: 1.To negotiate the solution with channels/retailers/POS to improve the sell-out . 2. Responsible for Retail mapping, POS management, promoters/promotion management, to setup the incentive mechanism for the sell-out. 3. Develop retail strategy,sort out retail operation and development strategy. 4. Cooperate with MKT department to deploy new product GTM, implement promotional activities and monitor the effectiveness of the activities. 5. To implement and achieve the Moth/Quarter/Year sales target according to GM`s instructions. 6. To lead key showroom`s deployment ,PIS, retailers skill training

Required Languages

English, Portuguese

Job Details

Position type



5~10 years

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