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Job Responsibilities

1、 Mainly responsible for answering incoming calls and reception of clients 一般接待职责包括接听来电和问候所有访客 2、Responsible for office operations, managing mails and courier delivery 负责办公室运营,管理邮件和快递 3、Organize and manage meeting room bookings, distribution, and set up 组织和管理会议室预订,分配,会议室设置 4、As a member of the administration department, provide other support to internal staffs 为内部员工提供所有行政支持

Job Requirements

1. Bachelor + 2 years working experience, master degree or full-time intern for the student. Excellent in English and fluent in Chinese. 本科2年以上工作经验或硕士毕业,或者全职实习生,精通英语,中文流利 2. Excellent communication and interpersonal skills 优秀的跨职能沟通和人际交往能力 3. Initiative, dedicated, result orientated, intelligent and patient 倡导,注重细节,结果导向,智慧和耐心 4. Self-motivated, sense of responsibility and personal integrity 自我激励,高度责任感和个人诚信 5. Good planning and operational skills to ensure efficiency and quality 良好的规划和操作技能,以确保效率和质量

Required Languages

Chinese, English

Job Details

Position type

Secretarial / Clerical & Admin / Assistant


Entry level

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