Part time Traditional Chinese Localization - Game繁体中文-简体中文
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Job Responsibilities

1、来自台湾,会繁体 2、资深游戏爱好者,对游戏类型有所了解 3、对中文游戏术语有所了解 1. From Taiwan, can translate traditional Chinese characters 2. Senior game enthusiasts, have some understanding of game types 3. Understanding of Chinese game terms

Job Requirements

1, 热爱游戏,有无翻译经验都欢迎来咨询; 2, 精通台湾繁体和台湾繁体的游戏术语; 3, 对待工作严谨认真,责任心强,能够按时完成翻译任务; 4, 会熟练使用电脑,会用翻译软件最好,不会也无需担心。 1, love the game, with or without translation experience are welcome to consult; 2. Proficient in Taiwan Traditional Chinese and its game terms; 3. Be rigorous and conscientious, have a strong sense of responsibility, and be able to complete the translation task on time; 4. Be proficient in using computers and translation software is the best. You can't and don't need to worry.

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Translation / Proofreading



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