[Urgent !!! ] Work From Home Job for Translation/LQA
Contract10K - 15K RMB per monthBeiJing
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Job Responsibilities

1. Review screenshots and try to find transation issues, layout issues 2. To compare with English Source, check the translation is accurate or not 3. Report errors

Job Requirements

We are Symbio company, current we need the following language native speaker candidate to do the localization test and translate job, if you are the correct candidate and available the work time, please contact me asap. Also, welcome to recommend your friends to us. Great thanks, all~ --- Traditional Chinese (Hong Kong) 中国(香港) --- Traditional Chinese (Taiwan) 中国(台湾) --- Thai 泰国 --- Malay 马来西亚 --- Indonesian 印度尼西亚 --- Myanmar (official) 缅甸 --- Tagalog (Philippines) 菲律宾 --- Hindi (Hindi, India) 印度 --- Vietnamese 越南 --- Tamil (Indian, Tamil) 印度 --- Telugu (Telugu, India) 印度 --- Marathi, India 印度 --- Bengali (Bangladesh) 孟加拉国 --- Gujarati (India, Gujarati) 印度 --- Lao 老挝 --- Cambodian (khmer) 柬埔寨 --- Kannada 印度 --- Malayalam 印度 --- Oriya 印度 --- Punjabi 印度 --- Assamese 印度 --- Maithili 印度 --- Russian 俄罗斯 --- Arabic 埃及 --- Nepali (Nepali) 尼泊尔 --- Dutch 荷兰 --- Sanskrit 印度 --- Korean 韩国 --- Uighur 维吾尔语 中国(大陆) --- Tibetan 藏语 中国(大陆) --- Berber 摩洛哥 --- Swahili 肯尼亚 --- Kazakh 哈萨克斯坦 --- Ukrainian 乌克兰 --- Australian English 澳大利亚 --- Turkish 土耳其 --- Uzbek 乌兹别克斯坦 --- Mongolian 蒙古 --- Slovak 斯洛伐克 --- Greek 希腊 --- Croatian 克罗地亚 --- British English 英式英语 --- Catalan 西班牙 --- Montenegrin 黑山共和国 --- Swedish 瑞典 --- Danish 丹麦 --- Finnish 芬兰 --- Albanian 阿尔巴尼亚 --- Macedonian 马其顿 --- Basque 西班牙 --- Galician 西班牙 --- Bulgarian 保加利亚 --- Serbian 塞尔维亚 --- Slovenian 斯洛文尼亚 --- Bosnian 波黑 Start time: from June.20th, 2020 Work place: can work from home, totally around 10 days(80 hours)

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International Trade


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