Game Translator(Turkish/Arabic/Portuguese/Polish/German)
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Job Responsibilities

1. Familiar with game functions and gameplay as well as gaming specific language. Responsible for proofreading translations for multiple projects, and localizing translated text without changing the original meaning. 2. Familiar with all kinds of events from different projects as well as from competitor games. Can localize game contents alone, which includes but is not limited to - event designs, heavy event packaging, character designs, world outlook design, IP story design, etc. to ensure the quality meets the developers' requirements. 3. Based on requests from each project, collect cultural information for different languages, keep track of hot topics for marketing and the gaming industry, and provide support and knowledge to the developer teams.

Job Requirements

1. Bachelor's degree or higher, no preferred major. 2. 1 or more years experience in a gaming-related company, or the IT industry preferred. 3. Turkish/Arabic/Portuguese/Polish/German as the mother language, and exceling at Chinese preferred. 4. Familiar with the local culture for the European and American market, and has the capability to write creatively in Turkish/Arabic/Portuguese/Polish/German. 5. Enthusiastic about the gaming industry or a long-time gamer preferred. 6. Has sharp insights, team spirit, good communication skills, and is able to handle pressure and deadlines.

Required Languages

Chinese, German, Polish, Portuguese, Turkish, Arabic

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