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Beijing Shangquan Culture Communication Co., Ltd.
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Job Responsibilities

We are a design and creative team under a contemporary art museum. Mainly working on designing artistic products. We are now seeking talented and creative friends to join us in bringing ideas to life. Job description: This is a creative position that requires teamwork. Utilizing your creativity, you will be responsible for designing artistic products/decorations according to the company's requirements. The job involves only creating and drawing, which is simple but fun. It is very suitable for friends who love art creation, enjoy drawing, have an interesting soul, and have artist dreams. We hope that you have received formal drawing training and graduated from an art college/school. You should have a portfolio of artistic creations.

Job Requirements

Job requirements:(For the requirements in 1 and 2, either one can be satisfied) 1. Proficient in drawing software such as PS, Procreate, Sketchbook, etc. or 2. Proficient in using AI rendering software such as Midjourney, SD, etc. 3. Able to draw using various mediums such as oil painting, ink wash painting, watercolor, mixed materials, etc. 4. Optimistic, eager to learn, and passionate about work. Please attach your portfolio to the email and indicate which one you are better at between 1(freehand painting) and 2(AI generating). Thank you.

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Art/Design Director


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