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Sales Director based in Germany/ France/ Spain
Full-timeNegotiable Germany/ France/Spain
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Job Responsibilities

Our client is an AI company focusing on IoT scenarios. Based on industry-leading AI research and engineering,which has created an AIoT product system that integrates software and hardware in AS/RS solutions. Job Description: 1. Achievement of performance goals. Responsible for the business development and management of robot products in the region, and achieve the preset sales targets; 2. Implementation of the business model. Based on the company's sales strategy, maintain and expand market share through a variety of business methods; 3. Channel development and management. Develop professional channels and industry channels, establish a multi-level channel network that meets business needs, implement channel GTM management and pipeline management, effectively handle conflicts between channels, optimize channel systems, and maintain a competitive situation; 4. Channel empowerment. Empower channels to systematically build product capabilities, sales capabilities, after-sales capabilities, etc., implement dynamic channel ratings, enhance their influence and control over channels, and optimize channel resource allocation; 5. Sales sinking. Responsible for effectively sinking sales reach to all target industries, achieving penetration and replication in major application scenarios such as medical treatment, footwear, food cold chain, new energy, etc., promoting the development of major customers in the industry, and implementing major customer life cycle management; 6. Market support. Collect relevant business information in the area, including demand dynamics, industry applications, and competitive business information. Support related marketing activities in the region, including brand promotion and marketing and customer acquisition. If you are interest in this position, please contact recruiter- Rebecca: Email: rebecca.liu@hiredchina.com Mobile:+86 199 2519 5414 WeChat: hiredchina101

Job Requirements

1. Bachelor degree or above, highly proficient in English; 2. More than 5 years of sales experience and channel management experience for major b2b, technical and solution sales are preferred; 3. Deep understanding and cognition of robotic products, experience in robotics, smart warehousing, smart logistics and other industries is preferred; 4. Strong market awareness and product understanding, able to perceive market trends sharply, and grasp the direction of market development ; 5. Possess excellent English negotiation skills, strong organization and coordination skills and the ability to grasp project links; 6. Strong team awareness and overall view, personal goals serve the team goals, and team goals serve the company goals.

Required Languages

Spanish, French, German, English

Job Details

Position type

Sales director


5~10 years

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