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Voice anchor
Part-time10K - 15K RMB per monthOnline
Tianjin Jingcheng Culture Media Co., Ltd.
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Job Responsibilities

Work from home, work from home, work from home, don't ask again! You can do it without experience Job Description ① Singing, chatting, emotions, music, comedy, and other fields are all available ② Chat and share with fans ③ Actively interact with fans and create a lively atmosphere

Job Requirements

Job Requirements Not showing a face is relatively easy, professional operation assisted live streaming, online live streaming training, traffic support and promotion 1. Girls aged 18-29 2. Live streaming time 3 hours per day 3. Require a serious and proactive attitude towards work, possess good communication skills, and actively cooperate with operations 4. Voice actors, dubbers, hosts or radio station personnel, broadcasters or vocal art students, as well as university radio broadcasters or online musicians (who sing well) are given priority in employment. 5. Work location: Online mode, unlimited location, can be done at home or school 6. Salary distribution: weekly distribution 7. Work 4 hours a day and earn over 8K per month. Full time 8-hour monthly income of 1.5W+ Everyone earns different salaries, and the harder they work, the more they earn

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