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Overseas foreign trade talents (stationed in Indonesia/United States/United Kingdom/Russia)
Full-time15K - 20K RMB per month Indonesia/United States/United Kingdom/Russia
Ningbo Haishu Kaixin Enterprise Management Consulting Co., Ltd.
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Job Responsibilities

RESPONSIBILITIES 1. Responsible for the collection and tracking of market information in the region, keep abreast of market information and competitor dynamics, and provide reference for company decision-making. 2. Develop the target market, introduce and communicate with customers (including importers, terminal retail stores, e-commerce, etc.), effectively connect customers with the company's sales team, promote business negotiations and sign contracts. 3. Maintain existing customer relationship and recommend new products of the company to existing customers. 4. Through market development, collect customer needs and relevant market information, and establish CRM customer information files. Provide corresponding information for the product development of the R&D team. 5. Assist in the establishment of marketing goals and plans.

Job Requirements

Overseas foreign trade talents (stationed in Indonesia/United States/United Kingdom/Russia): Bachelor's degree or above, major in English, International Trade, Marketing or related fields is preferred, and outstanding fresh students can also be trained; English CET-6 or above, with good reading and writing skills, able to serve as a working language and accept overseas residency; Has a high level of self motivation, strong sense of responsibility, good communication and team collaboration skills. (Indonesian/American/British/Russian or Chinese studying or working locally) Annual salary: 12-40w+performance (specific interview)

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Other sales positions


1~3 years

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